Here at Sun Physical Therapy...

Our mission is to provide quality care by combining education, motivation, and exercise
to create a treatment program that is catered specifically to each individual. We work with the 
child and the parents to create a nurturing environment to help children become efficient and 
increasingly independent in mobility.

At Sun Physical Therapy, we offer one of the most comprehensive home based physical
therapy programs for patients with acute and chronic injuries from birth to 3 years old.
We provide a warm, caring atmosphere where children receive support and assistance in
reaching their highest potential in comfort of their home. 
We emphasis cooperation and communication so as to create the best and most effective plan of care for the patient.
We encourage families to take an active role in their child’s program and educate them in the best way to approach treatment at home. 

Educating patients and families
As part of the treatment program, families are shown how to assist their child with
specific home exercise programs and are given specific written instructions.